Jimmy Kimmel Calls George Santos Lawsuit “Most Preposterous” Of All Time


Jimmy Kimmel has a phrase for the lawsuit filed towards him over the weekend by former Rep. George Santos. Actually, he has seven: “The most preposterous lawsuit of all time.”

In his first on-air response to the lawsuit, the host of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live doubled down on the mocking of the disgraced Santos, who has been accused of, amongst different issues, identification theft and wire fraud.

Santos filed the lawsuit towards towards Kimmel, ABC and Disney over a Jimmy Kimmel Live bit during which the late-night host punked Santos through the use of invented names to order personalised Cameo messages from the ex-pol. Santos’ messages had been then performed on the present.

In his lawsuit, Santos claimed, “At the heart of this dispute lies the deliberate deception and wrongful appropriation of the Plaintiff’s digital content by the Defendants, orchestrated through the platform Cameo.com, where celebrities and public figures are meant to connect with their fans through personalized video messages.”

Responded Kimmel final evening, “He says we deceived him under the guise of fandom — soliciting personalized videos, only to then broadcast these on national television. And if there’s one thing George Santos will not stand for, it’s using a fake name under false pretenses.”

Among the pretend Santos followers invented by Kimmel had been the supposed winner of a beef-eating contest and a girl who had cloned her canine.

“This is so good,” Kimmel joked in regards to the lawsuit. “I mean, this is like getting sued for paternity by Nick Cannon.”

Santos, Kimmel cracked, is “being represented by the prestigious law firm of Pot, Kettle and Black.”

Watch the phase above.


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