Daily Roundup 5/15 – Corrections From Yesterday, Golden Bachelorette Announcement, Vanderpump Reunion, Deal or No Deal Island Finale, & Idol


?You are listening to the day by day roundup right here as a part of the fact. See podcast. I’m your host actuality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in. Good motion packed data stuffed present on this Wednesday. Got a few corrections from yesterday’s podcast that I do know you’re all ready for. We have a golden bachelorette announcement from yesterday.

You ought to know by now, we’ll discuss it slightly bit. Also going to speak about half one of many Vanderpump guidelines reunion present, which I’m guessing all of you’ve got the identical feeling in that. Is utterly underwhelming vendor. No deal finale from Monday night time. Have not talked about it but. I’ll discuss that.

And I’ve obtained an American idol story for you from the opposite night time. We’ll get to all that momentarily. So I needed to start out out with yesterday’s podcast, two issues that I have to appropriate. Number one, as so a lot of you identified, that is most likely. Of all of the tales that I’ve ever advised on this podcast and anyone emailed the following day to appropriate this one yesterday was essentially the most responses I’ve ever gotten, the place I had the Cain Brown story incorrect on the incorrect particular person.

It was Jimmy Allen, not Cain Brown. What was attention-grabbing to me although, was type of the tone of a number of the messages that I obtained. I’d say 90 % of you had been similar to, Oh, Steve, I listened to the podcast in the present day. You’re mixing up Cain Brown with Jimmy Allen. And I used to be like, yeah, no, clearly after the very first e mail I obtained, I used to be like, Oh shit, that’s proper.

Totally combine them up. However, there was a gaggle of emails that had been similar to, you name out different bachelor nation folks for beginning rumors and also you do it your self. You didn’t, you, you already know, Cain Brown demand, you already know, ought to demand an apology from you. Like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s again up right here for a second.

Someone who got here at me like that, clearly podcast, as a result of at the same time as I used to be telling the story yesterday, I used to be saying, Wasn’t it Cain Brown? And I stated, I may very well be incorrect. Correct me if I’m. So I used to be even saying, I wasn’t certain the factor that I’m disenchanted in is I ought to have simply Googled it earlier than I advised the story, however for no matter purpose got here to my head as I used to be watching idol and I believed it was Cain Brown, I’m incorrect.

It was Jimmy Allen. I completely. There’s nothing, there’s, it’s not like I used to be beginning a rumor and I used to be like, Hey guys, test it out. I heard that Kane Brown pregnant impregnated anyone that wasn’t his spouse, however I’ve no method to show it. Like, after which some folks had been, you already know, like I stated, the, the response of evaluating it to calling Nick out.

I used to be like, you’re evaluating apples and oranges. You know, after I name Nick out, it’s as a result of he’s operating with the rumor that he hasn’t vetted himself and has no thought if it’s true or not. That’s completely 180 levels completely different than what I did yesterday. I simply misidentified an individual. The story is true.

Jimmy Allen impregnated anyone that wasn’t his spouse. I simply had the incorrect particular person. I believed it was Cain Brown. That’s it. Period. End of story. There wasn’t anything there. So I respect all of you that reached out to me and stated, Hey, Steve, you screwed up the names. I’m like, yeah, I do know. I spotted that now, however the folks with the, that had been getting so mad and we’re like demanding an apology to Cain Brown, he would by no means do that to his spouse.

He’s a God fearing man. That’s nice. And all I wasn’t. I simply had the incorrect particular person. So that was it. And now, however now it’s modified. Like there’s no different purpose to essentially cowl it. The different factor that I have to appropriate from yesterday was the entire thing about dealer season three on the Warner brothers discovery upfronts.

The manner it was offered. Lots of people on-line had been fooled and I simply occurred to go along with it. I used to be one of many people who did get fooled. Those names that I discussed, Holly Robinson, Pete, and Rodney Pete, Howie Mandel, Joe Mangiello, Kenya Moore, Paris and Nicole, they had been simply there. As a part of Warner brothers discoveries upfronts, introducing different tasks and different exhibits.

That doesn’t imply that they’re on season three of the merchants. So we will put that one. I stand corrected on that report. I noticed that on a pair different locations that ran with it and I simply assumed it was true. I ought to have accomplished my homework there. So yeah, two disasters yesterday, not the top of the world.

But take full duty for them. I ought to have simply, I ought to have accomplished my homework, however yeah the response was, was, it was nearly comical as a result of I can inform anyone that had an indignant response to me mixing up Cain Brown with Jimmy with Jimmy Allen clearly didn’t hearken to my podcast the place I used to be clear as day, like, Hey, appropriate me if I’m incorrect right here, however wasn’t it Cain Brown?

Like even I used to be questioning it as I used to be saying it. So. All you needed to do was say, yeah, Steve, it wasn’t Cain Brown. It was Jimmy Allen, which like I stated, about, about 90 % of the responses, however you possibly can see a few of them on Twitter as folks had been getting actually, actually upset. And you already know, I simply, I don’t perceive, however I, I, like I stated, I, I’d respect these folks.

I may simply inform by the responses, they didn’t truly hear. To the podcast yesterday, we had an enormous announcement in golden bachelorette world is we now have our golden bachelorette as a result of ABC had their upfronts yesterday, by the way in which, tomorrow’s podcast, the weekly podcast is with Kristen Baldwin from ew.

com. We discuss upfronts after we recorded it yesterday. It was about, I don’t know, three or 4 hours earlier than Joan was introduced. So we do discuss the truth that the golden bachelorette is coming within the fall, however we don’t Mention it being Joan as a result of it was recorded earlier than that announcement occurred.

So simply know that getting in, I’ll remind you within the open earlier than tomorrow’s podcast as properly. But Joan, who was the blonde girl, 61 12 months previous girl. Who had an excellent one on one date with Gary, however then needed to depart as a result of she had a household emergency again residence together with her daughter. They named her the golden Bachelorette.

And I obtained a superb e mail from a frequent e mail or by the identify, and also you don’t know him, however his identify is Tony emails me quite a bit. Very, very Very, very brilliant man goes to Vegas, craps, fellow craps participant. Anyway, he messaged me again on April twenty first and mainly his level was, this was proper after the Gary and Teresa divorce occurred.

And he’s like, it’s superb how Gary went from probably the most cherished folks within the nation to essentially the most hated. He’s getting the lion’s share of hate as a result of he filed the paperwork. He has a sketchy background with ladies after his spouse turned. And the way in which he turned on Teresa, when he realized that she had some coin and made him the villain, he not solely tarnished himself, however the gold mine, golden bachelor was changing into.

So now ABC has a call to make on the following bachelorette. I feel if ABC had not introduced the present on the expense of toilet paradise, they’d not go forth with it. Anyway, I imagine Leslie has turn out to be collateral injury due to her backstory and it’s been ruined. Nobody cares that Gary broke her coronary heart.

Now, as a substitute they assume she dodged a bullet. My prediction is Joan turns into the bachelorette and winds up with Kelsey’s dad. Vegas odds are 5 to 1, however I’ll take them. So he nailed the Joan changing into bachelorette. I don’t assume it’s going to be a shock in any respect. If Kelsey’s dad is on the bat, the golden bachelorette, as a result of Kelsey’s even talked about it.

Like she’s actually attempting to speak her dad into it. So it’s not like he has no curiosity or in any respect. The incontrovertible fact that she’s even overtly speaking about it, I’m, I’d be shocked if Kelsey’s dad isn’t. A contestant on the golden bachelorette with that stated I feel he nailed it with the entire Leslie factor.

You know, Leslie’s story was, she obtained felt that she obtained duped by Gary on the in a single day. She thought he was going to select her. And then he determined he wasn’t would have been an excellent lead in for her to be the following golden bachelorette. But the truth that Gary and Teresa couldn’t final three months. It’s like, okay, so why don’t, why, the place is Leslie story now?

You know, not saying that she doesn’t have a narrative. I’m simply saying it’s not practically as compelling as it might have been if Gary and Teresa had been nonetheless collectively. I feel that, I feel that performed a task for certain. And that is you already know, we’ll by no means know what the actual purpose was, why they didn’t select Leslie, however I feel that’s a really astute level by e mail or Tony.

The different factor about Joan being named the golden bachelorette is we all know that it’s going to start out in September. We don’t have a begin date but, however one main adjustments. Well, two, they’re altering nights and so they’re altering time of episodes. Last season, we all know golden bachelor aired on Thursdays for an hour, and it was adopted by two hours of toilet paradise.

The golden bachelorette goes to air on Wednesday nights, and it’s going to be for 90 minutes adopted by Abbott elementary, which. It’s just about ABC’s finest scripted present and hottest scripted present. Maybe now that they’ve 9 one one, I’m unsure what the scores are on that, however I do know Abbott elementary could be very properly acquired by the critics, very properly acquired by the general public.

And it’s obtained a 90 minute golden bachelorette lead in now. And I feel that’s an enormous deal that they assume that a lot of the golden bachelorette this upcoming season. Now they haven’t even began filming it but. Guys haven’t even left for filming. This goes to movie within the month of June. The final I heard, you already know, I advised you this again in January, I advised you that the golden bachelorette was going to be filming proper after bachelorette.

And I advised you that there was not going to be a bachelor in paradise this summer time. I advised you that a few months in the past, so, or gosh, 4 months in the past now. So that each one got here to fruition, however. I’m nice with Joan is the golden bachelorette. I was I anticipating it? No, however I’ve no difficulty together with her. I feel they may have chosen a few ladies from Gary season.

That would have been nice because the lead. And actually, like I say, each season, I do know numerous you don’t imagine me, however I don’t care who will get the lead roles. As lengthy as there’s a season, that’s all I care about. That’s what issues to me. The most is that there’s a season now in terms of spoilers.

Last season for Golden Bachelor, I wasn’t sitting right here breaking down episode by episode. I’m not gonna do episode by episode of Joan. If I discover out something, I’ll relay it. But for, for Gary’s season, you knew I had the ultimate three, and I had the ultimate two of Leslie and Teresa, however I didn’t know who he selected till about, I take into consideration a month earlier than the finale.

So, I do not know what it’s going to occur with Joan and the way a lot data I’m going to search out out. If persons are going to get footage and movies of them filming, assuming they’re going to be in Los Angeles earlier than any journey begins. So who is aware of? We don’t need, we gained’t know till clearly filming begins, however that was the announcement yesterday at ABC’s upfronts.

Joan is our new golden bachelorette. It’s going to start out in September. I’m assuming the week after Jen’s season ends airing. Guys, I wish to speak to you about Prolon. Prolon is a revolutionary plant primarily based vitamin program that nourishes the physique whereas making cells believing they’re fasting. It is fasting with the Prolon program, but it surely’s with meals.

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