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Nicholas Galitzine and Anne Hathaway in The Idea of You

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Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine efficiently delivered one of many yr’s hottest romance movies. The Idea of You — primarily based on Robinne Lee’s guide with the identical title — was launched on Prime Video on May 2, and the film’s ending is kind of totally different from the unique story. The forged and crew have teased audiences with their love of the guide, however many followers haven’t even learn it! So, how does the guide finish in comparison with the movie?

Hollywood Life has damaged down the variations between The Idea of You film versus the guide!

How Does ‘The Idea of You’ Movie End?

Nicholas’ character, Hayes Campbell, and Anne’s character, Soléne Marchand, have fallen in love and might’t assist however keep collectively. Against all odds, the 40-year-old single mother and the 24-year-old boy band tremendous star briefly break up in the course of the movie due to a misunderstanding. Hayes’ bandmates from August Moon disclose to Soléne that he’s used the “Closer” tune on different girls earlier than her, and he or she leaves Europe after telling him she’s “ashamed” of being with him as a consequence of their age hole.

After paparazzi photos and tabloid headlines threaten to humiliate her, Soléne later apologizes to Hayes for what she stated, and so they shortly reconcile. Nevertheless, they nonetheless can’t be collectively due to one purpose: Soléne’s daughter, Izzy, is being harassed and bullied by friends over her mom’s relationship. Soléne and Hayes agree to interrupt up towards the tip of the movie, and so they share one final kiss after exchanging emotional “I love yous.”

Nicholas Galitzine and Anne Hathaway in The Idea of You movie
Alisha Wetherill/Prime

However, viewers don’t must lose hope. Hayes asks Soléne to revisit their relationship in 5 years after Izzy goes off to school. During the movie’s epilogue, Soléne is altering channels on TV one evening and comes throughout an interview with Hayes. Hayes reveals he’s now a solo artist and is returning to L.A. to go to somebody, however he by no means reveals who. Shortly thereafter, Soléne and Hayes reunite at her artwork gallery.

The film ends with Soléne’s tearful but joyful response upon seeing Hayes. Although viewers don’t know whether or not or not they really get again collectively, it’s clear they nonetheless harbor sturdy emotions for each other.

‘The Idea of You’ Book Ending

The Idea of You guide has a starkly totally different conclusion than the film, and it broke readers’ hearts. Soléne does, in actual fact, finish her romance with Hayes as a result of they’re at totally different phases of their lives. However, Hayes exhibits up at Soléne’s doorstep weeks later to tell her he has give up August Moon. Nevertheless, Soléne tells him he can’t finish his profession for her.

Nicholas Galitzine and Anne Hathaway in a scene from The Idea of You
Alisha Wetherill/Prime

The two nonetheless hook up, however Soléne lies to Hayes by telling him she by no means truly beloved him — solely the thought of him. Hayes returns to his band however nonetheless texts her to inform her he loves her. After ignoring him for months, the guide ends with Soléne admitting, “And then one day, [the texts] stopped. Long, long before I had stopped loving him.”

Why Does ‘The Idea of You’ Movie Have a Different Ending?

Director Michael Showalter understood that followers watching their film wanted extra hope than they obtained from the guide. Speaking with, the filmmaker defined why they made a distinct ending.

Nicholas Galitzine and Anne Hathaway in a scene from The Idea of You
Courtesy of Prime

“I think, for me, it was more just as the filmmaker, and as a fan of romantic comedy and romantic movies, this felt like the kind of movie where we wanted to give the audience a hopeful ending,” he defined. “We certainly could have ended the movie in a different way. But for this story, we felt like a more uplifting ending was what would be most satisfying for our audience. And, ultimately, the audience is what matters most when making a movie like this.”


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