Anterior Ankle Impingement – Foot and Ankle Problems for Dancers Part 1


Anterior impingement in dancers is frequent for a lot of and could also be a consequence of hypertrophied comfortable tissues within the anterior ankle joint. This is often attributable to repeated ankle sprains or microtrauma from the repetitive impression of loaded dorsiflexion. I discover that this anterior impingement is extra frequent in dancers who even have some indicators of foot and hip dysfunction together with hip inside rotation, knees bow in and ft flat. I additionally discover that male dancers or male athletes, normally, have worse signs when in comparison with females because of extra pressure being utilized and bigger jumps.

Symptoms of anterior impingement embrace anterior ankle joint ache when touchdown from jumps and restricted ankle dorsiflexion. It may also be uncomfortable or painful when attempting to palpate the world. Treatment consists of relative exercise limitation together with avoiding repetitive leaping. In extreme instances, a boot solid brace can be utilized when strolling and an evening splint might assist to alleviate ache and irritation. If signs don’t enhance I might suggest getting remedy frequently by a bodily therapist or related skilled. If ache persists, then surgical remedy could also be wanted however for many, that is often not crucial.

Following the proper program together with workouts within the pool when you’ve got entry to a facility needs to be initiated early, with a rise in dance exercise as ache permits. Full dance participation might resume when the dancer has adopted the proper levels and is pain-free when doing so.


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