Donald Trump’s Accidentally Revealing Answer About Jeffrey Epstein Has Jaws On The Floor!


OMG! If this had been anybody however Donald Trump, who was convicted of 34 felonies final week, this could be the largest political gaffe of all time! LOLz! As is, it’s nonetheless a hilariously telling response that’ll have your jaw on the ground sooner than you may say “Prince Andrew BBC interview.”

OK, so earlier this week the previous president was on Fox News fielding questions on what he would do if he will get elected once more. The previous few days he’s made clear he would do what he’s accusing Joe Biden of doing and use the justice system to unlawfully retaliate in opposition to political enemies, which… yeesh. But this was Fox & Friends. These had been softball questions.

At one level they supplied their hero an opportunity to point out what a person of the individuals he was, a pacesetter who, per QAnon, would unmask the deep state authorities conspiracies. He’s requested if he would declassify “the 9/11 files” — he offers a right away and definitive, “Yeah.” He’s requested if he would declassify “the JFK files” — he offers a right away and definitive, “Yeah” — and provides he already “did a lot.”

Then he’s requested about “the Epstein files.” You know, every part the federal government has gathered on Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire who trafficked younger girls, usually underage, to the world’s richest and strongest males. Sounds superior, proper? After all, he’s been linked to the aforementioned Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and several other others. But absolutely there are a lot extra males who participated — you don’t get a trafficking ring with out fairly a number of shoppers concerned.

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So what’s Trump’s reply as to if he would declassify every part concerning the teen intercourse trafficker and his cohorts? There’s a pause, after which a extra tentative:

“Yeah… I would.”

And then:

“I guess I would.”

More consideration. Then:

“I think that less so, because you don’t want to affect people’s lives if it’s phony stuff in there, because it’s a lot of phony stuff with that world…”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wow. That actually could be the worst reply we’ve heard a politician give since Clinton requested what the definition of “is” is. See the entire thing for yourselves to see how he instantly retreats to a much more non-committal stance with regards to Epstein (under):


Hilarious. It simply will get extra telling the extra we take a look at it. Seriously, do Clinton subsequent! LOLz! He actually says there could be “phony” stuff in there. It’s like a small little one telling you to not look beneath the mattress as a result of a monster most likely put these cookies there.

Why wouldn’t Trump be glad to declassify all of the Epstein stuff? Hmm. Let’s assume a second… Well, the factor is, Mr. QAnon Hero has been as linked to the teenager intercourse trafficker as some other superstar. He was good friends with Epstein in NYC, and was even known as his “wingman.” Don’t imagine us? Just learn what Trump stated years earlier than he was operating for president! He advised New York Magazine in 2002:

“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Real quote! Crazy! Oh, and other than that…

  • Trump promoted Alexander Acosta, the US lawyer who gave Epstein his notorious sweetheart deal that gave him much less jail time and explicitly protected “any potential co-conspirators”, to be his Secretary of Labor.
  • Trump’s chief strategist and largest cheerleader Steve Bannon helped coach Epstein on how one can be “sympathetic” on TV.
  • Trump flew on Epstein’s non-public jet, nicknamed “The Lolita Express” an awesome many occasions.

Candidate Trump is way from the one man with a sketchy connection to Epstein — however he may need the largest paper path. And humorous sufficient, he’s not tremendous all in favour of declassifying that stuff. Huh.

[Image via Fox News/Twitter/New York Sex Offender Registry.]


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