How a lot would you make at gigs if musician earnings had been adjusted for inflation?


The $5-cover has been normal because the Nineteen Seventies.

So has the standard pay at native bars that don’t cost a canopy: $100 per musician.

These charges have stayed the identical for many years. Why!?

The prices of OTHER items and providers have elevated since then. And if inflation can drive wages up as nicely, then why haven’t native musicians gotten a “raise” prior to now 40-50 years?

Well, right here’s my principle (within the video under).

Plus an estimate of how a lot you WOULD be making if musician wages for native gigs had been adjusted for inflation:

Time to step outdoors the live-music “supply game”

Want to earn more cash out of your gigs? Play higher venues? Rock larger crowds?

Here’s an inventory of sources that can assist you earn extra out of your stay reveals:


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