Mrs. Doubtfire’s Lisa Jakub talks Robin Williams’ veteran help


The actress who portrayed Williams’ oldest daughter delivered to gentle how the enduring comic would normally rent veterans on his film units.

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It was Memorial Day weekend and one factor actress Lisa Jakub desires us to recollect just isn’t solely her amazingly iconic on-screen father, Robin Williams, however Williams’ help of navy veterans as he would ensure that to rent some on his movie units. Jakub performed the oldest daughter of the Hillard clan in Mrs. Doubtfire, Lydia. The actors who performed the children within the common Chris Columbus film would not too long ago reunite in an episode of the Brotherly Love podcast that’s hosted by her on-screen brother, Matthew Lawrence. Jakub posted on Threads, “We had a little reunion…30 years later and my Mrs. Doubtfire family still feels like family. The sisters had so much fun hanging out with the brothers. @marawilson and @matthewlawrence still feel like my siblings- even 30 years after filming Mrs Doubtfire.”

Deadline experiences that Jakub would rejoice Memorial Day with an anecdote about Williams on Mrs. Doubtfire. She informed Fox News Digital, “So many people have told me that Robin did a lot of work with the veteran population as well, and that he always had production crews hire local veterans to be background actors or things like that on set, which is not something I ever knew about when I worked with him… but I also love that little connection as well.” Jakub, herself, runs a veterans nonprofit group known as Mission Flexible. She would additionally present her gratitude that she was in a position to spend time with the comic, “Robin was everything you would hope Robin would be, and it’s so wonderful to think back on him now… (I am) grateful that I got to be in his presence, that I got to be working with him, that he was so kind to me.”

She added, “(He was) probably one of the first people who ever really spoke to me super honestly about mental health. And he would talk to me about his struggles and the things that he went through. And it was the first time that I felt like, ‘Oh, I’m not a freak. I don’t have to hide this about myself. This is just something that some of us have to deal with’.”

In the Brotherly Love podcast, Jakub would additionally pay tribute to Williams, saying, “You had to be really present. We’re on set and I’m like, ‘I am so lost but, you know, we’re just going to go with it because he’s Robin and you can trust him.” Lawrence – who performed Christopher Hillard – agreed, including, “That is very true. He was one of the best at going off the book and creating his own stuff. To be in front of the camera with him was quite the experience. If you weren’t present and you weren’t ready for any kind of curveball you were going to get thrown off.” 

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