‘The Outlaws’ Season 3 Could Be Its Last, Says Stephen Merchant


EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Merchant has revealed that The Outlaws Season 3 might be the comedy crime thriller’s swansong.

The creator of the BBC/Amazon hit stated “never say never” on making extra however “the problem at the moment is whenever I finish a project I feel a bit burned out and need to take some time away to regroup.”

He stated there are not any plans to make extra Outlaws because it presently stands and he’s as a substitute making ready for a stand-up comedy tour and dealing on growing movie scripts, together with exec producing Greg Daniels’ upcoming The Office spin-off.

“I think this series concludes in a very nice way and hopefully might bring a tear to the eye, so if it does then that would be great,” Merchant advised Deadline within the days main as much as Season 3 premiere. “I am so pleased it’s run this long. I’ve enjoyed the cast, filming in my hometown of Bristol and dropping into this genre. It ticks a lot of boxes for me in terms of what I wanted to do with it.”

Starring Christopher Walken, Eleanor Tomlinson, Baby Reindeer star Jessica Gunning and Merchant himself, The Outlaws follows the goings-on of a bunch of misfits ordered to do neighborhood service in Bristol, England, combining components of comedy caper with crime thriller. Season 2 featured Bad Sisters star Claes Bang as crime boss The Dean and ended with the gang developing with an formidable plan to plant 10 kilograms of cocaine in his automobile.

Pondering the present’s future, Merchant posited whether or not variations might be franchised in the same vein to American hits like CSI, with potential to set these reveals in locations like LA or Manchester. Keeping The Outlaws operating for a number of seasons in a single place is difficult as “you have to wonder how long people do community service for,” Merchant joked, countering that “M*A*S*H “ran about five years longer than the Korean war, so we shall see.”

Merchant had by no means show-ran and starred in such a giant endeavor earlier than and stated this partly explains why he’s reticent to go additional at this cut-off date. Seasons 2 and three had been just about shot again to again, whereas Season 1 was made in the course of the pandemic below restrictions.

“I’ve done [showrunning] in the past on a smaller scale but as soon as you have a larger cast that is much harder to do as a director and actor,” added Merchant. “I definitely learned to collaborate more so it wasn’t all me. I like wearing lots of hats but have always been quite keen to collaborate.”

Season 3 begins with the invention of a useless physique and Merchant stated he was at all times eager to drop this plot in as a “jumping off point.”

He stated this season will see a slight tonal shift in that it’ll focus extra on the person characters and fewer on societal mores.

“There was a bit more social commentary earlier on whereas now I think that has given over more to the character stuff and we are trying to make sure each character has a fresh arc so we aren’t repeating ourselves,” he added. “Aside from that, the tone has remained fairly consistent. The mix of humor and crime thriller was slightly less familiar years ago.”

The Office co-creator Merchant, who has spent the previous decade or so primarily working in LA, had been throwing concepts round for The Outlaws for years earlier than the BBC and Amazon jumped aboard. He created The Outlaws in a considerably odd-couple pairing with Mayans M.C. co-creator Elgin James, though James is now not concerned with the day after day. “Elgin was instrumental in helping me formulate the characters and world and since then I’ve run with the ball,” Merchant stated. “By this point I might call him to speak about certain things but he doesn’t have time for me to get into the weeds with the plotting.”

Working with ‘Baby Reindeer’ star

Baby Reindeer

Jessica Gunning in Baby Reindeer

Ed Miller/Netflix

Driving the success of The Outlaws Season 3 might be Gunning, who performs Community Payback Officer Diane. Gunning has seen her reputation explode in latest weeks together with her critically-acclaimed flip as stalker Martha in Netflix smash Baby Reindeer.

For Season 3, she joined the episode 5 writers room and not too long ago heaped reward on Merchant’s strategies.

Merchant, in flip, stated Gunning is “the only person who sent in an audition tape that was note perfect.”

“I didn’t have one change, she dialled into the character straight away,” he added. “She is such an amazing collaborator in the sense that she will hang around on set and contribute ideas in a constructive and helpful way.”

“My only fear now she is a superstar is that she won’t return my calls,” added Merchant, who stated he has been “lucky enough” to work with quite a few profitable actors at the beginning of their careers, citing Martin Freeman within the UK Office and Florence Pugh, who led his 2019 wrestling pic Fighting with my Family.

Merchant hasn’t watched the controversial Baby Reindeer but – “I’m going back to stand-up and anything that makes me more nervous for that is hard to watch” – however the auteur is cognisant of responsibility of care points raised by TV drama. Two years in the past, he performed British serial killer Stephen Port – who murdered 4 younger homosexual males a decade in the past – within the BBC’s Four Lives.

“The responsibility there was to the real families affected by the crimes and as an actor you are aware of doing justice to the story and raising awareness,” he added. “It is hard to know how fictionalized Baby Reindeer is. But fiction always draws on real-life experiences, so it is a constant tightrope.”

Merchant is now relishing a while on the stand-up circuit away from the hustle and bustle of TV units. “There is an immediacy to stand-up that I like, you can think of an idea in the morning and try it out that evening,” he stated.

He is an EP on Greg Daniels’ The Office spin-off for Peacock starring Domhnall Gleeson and Sabrina Impacciatore, though hinted that he’ll probably not be concerned a lot on set. Speaking to Deadline on the BAFTA TV Red Carpet final weekend, Merchant had urged that the present might want to replicate trendy working practices 20 years on from the unique by incorporating Zoom tradition, with staff perhaps solely coming in to work a couple of times per week.

The spin-off displays the present penchant in each the U.S. and UK for sitcoms. As the co-creator of one of many best-known sitcoms of all time, Merchant welcomed the pattern, which has been talked up in latest weeks by BBC comedy boss Jon Petrie and the heads of Such Brave Girls producer Various Artists Limited.

Merchant urged networks to present this new period of sitcoms time to develop.

“Sitcoms need their breathing space to find an audience,” he defined. “All those shows we talk about that became part of the furniture like The Office or Seinfeld had some runway to gather an audience. The problem is whether streamers and networks will allow that time.”

The Outlaws launches on May 31. A London press screening is happening this afternoon.


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