Gavin Rossdale’s New Girlfriend Has Transformed Into A Young Gwen Stefani Lookalike – And Fans Are SHOOK!


Gavin Rossdale went public with a brand new girlfriend a pair months in the past. She’s just about what you’d count on the 58-year-old up to now, tbh — that’s, in the event you’re a cynical bitch like we’re in the meanwhile! LOLz! She’s younger, she’s blonde, she’s slim with huge boobs. She’s the Porsche of girlfriends. That is to say, spectacular curves but additionally undoubtedly the sort that will make your pals immediately assume you’re having a midlife disaster! LOLz!

Her identify is Xhoana X, and he or she’s a singer. She’s additionally 23 years youthful than the Bush frontman. Even from the primary put up we noticed of them collectively again on March 1, followers have been saying she regarded like his ex Gwen Stefani.

Comments have been fairly ruthless on that one…

“BRO really? a knockoff version of the one and only… not hardly.”

“Clone of Gwen”

“That is completely insane to get a woman, who is a doppelganger of your ex. I feel sorry for her because it is obvious You are not over Gwen that you have to have a woman who looks exactly like her. And how weird for the boys when they come to visit. It’s a bit creepy.”


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But that was NOTHING. In most pics we wouldn’t even say Xhoana appears that very like Gwen. She’s “a Gwen Stefani type” for positive, however a lookalike? Nah, probably not. We imply…

Maybe somewhat? However, over the weekend any doubt was erased. It turned clear she is completely taking part in up the Gwen search for her new man. The couple have been photographed on trip in Mexico, and… Well, have a look for your self:

We swear to you, these are new images. As far as we’ve been capable of confirm, no photoshop or doctoring. There are a number of photographs on the market throughout a number of web sites. That’s simply how she’s searching for this vacay. Something she’s doing along with her make-up. The eyebrows, the pink lip, it’s simply giving… properly, frankly, youthful Gwen Stefani!

We don’t know if it’s a kinky roleplay factor, some sort of disturbing remedy, or if one or each of them doesn’t even notice it’s taking place. But boy is it taking place! The feedback went even tougher this time round, with of us on social media doing double and triple takes:

“you’re telling me that’s not Gwen Stefani?!”


“This is soooooo bizarre!!!”

“That’s not her!!!? Dang”

“Why is no one saying Gwen Stephony”

“She looks like if Cameron Diaz played Gwen in a biopic.”

“When you order Gwen from Temu you get trash”

Damn! You can’t blame anybody, our jaws have been on the ground, too. We couldn’t imagine the pics have been actual both!

What do YOU consider Gavin’s new girlfriend and her new… ahem… look??

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN/Xhoana X/Instagram.]


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