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Miranda Cosgrove

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Miranda Cosgrove is thought for having a clean-cut public persona — no scandals, breakups or the rest that celebrities have needed to navigate within the public eye. Before she turns 31 this month, Miranda defined to Bustle how her drama-free picture is linked to her well-known Nickelodeon present, iCarly.

“In some ways, I haven’t really completely broken out of playing [Carly],” she mentioned within the interview that was printed on Friday, May 10. “A lot of people think that that’s exactly what I’m like.” As the publication identified, iCarly followers don’t want to surrender hope on their favourite present. Miranda not too long ago expressed that she’d like to provide the collection a correct ending with a film.

Miranda Cosgrove posing for Bustle magazine in 2024
Kat Slootsky

One of probably the most memorable — and viral — moments from Miranda’s profession was when she mentioned on digicam that her favourite curse phrase is “f**k,” igniting a firestorm on the web. As a consequence, many followers are satisfied that she’s the identical “good girl” sort of person who Carly Shay is. However, Miranda doesn’t “mind” her repute “as much” as she did when she was youthful.

“Now that I’m older, I don’t mind as much,” she instructed the publication. “But there’s still a little part of me that’s like, ‘It’d be nice if people could see me in a different light.’”

Miranda Cosgrove
Kat Slootsky

Part of the rationale why the Mother of the Bride actress stays off of social media is as a result of she desires to guard her private life. Miranda has a good circle of associates, she famous to the outlet.

“I like my little bubble and my life, so I’m torn a lot because I’m like, how much should I put out there on social media? How much should I really want people to know about me?” she defined. “Maybe it’s nice that I just have one thing people think of me [for], and at least it’s a nice thing, and then I can live my life on the inside.”

Miranda Cosgrove
Kat Slootsky

Aside from her profession, Miranda additionally opened up about how she has been coping with a previous trauma: her 2016 stalking incident. At the time, a person had lit himself on fireplace and fatally shot himself within the yard of her dwelling, which is a spot that nonetheless feels unsafe to her.

“That’s another reason why I go back and forth to my parents’ house so much,” Miranda confessed. “I just don’t feel super safe in that house. For two years after it happened, I wouldn’t really stay there. Then I got into a relationship and because that person was there with me, I was less scared. But I don’t really like being there on my own that much.”


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