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Ever since turning into a mother, Chanel West Coast has centered rather less on herself and much more on her daughter Bowie Breeze. “You start to put your kids completely before you and you really lose all selfishness,” Chanel, 35, completely instructed Hollywood Life whereas celebrating her “Talk Is Cheap” single. “That’s something that I really appreciate about being a mom.”

After welcoming her child woman with longtime boyfriend Dom Fenison in November 2022, Chanel was approached to take part in an unscripted actuality present for MTV. Before signing on, the previous Ridiculousness star considered her daughter.

“I never thought that I would want to have my child really be in the industry,” Chanel shared. “I wanted to always have a child with a normal life and a really normal wholesome life that I didn’t fully get myself. But also, since I was little, I’ve had dreams of music and acting.” Looking again on her childhood, Chanel mentioned, “If I had a mom already doing what I wanted to do, I would have had a much easier road.”

While she doesn’t know what her daughter can be focused on pursuing when she will get older, Chanel believes “if the show can help facilitate her goals and dreams, then I think it’s an amazing thing.”

“I saw an article today about Kendall Jenner and all these people in the comments were like, ‘Oh, she’s just a nepo baby’ and then it hit me,” Chanel defined. “I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, my daughter is going to be a nepo baby’ and that kind of sucks when people are just discrediting you for your hard work just because you happen to be born into a family where you had it a little easier. I do think that this is a great opportunity for Bowie in that sense.”

While MTV has but to announce a premiere date for the present, viewers can count on to see Chanel in a complete new approach. After all, cameras had been rolling as she launched into a brand-new chapter of motherhood.

“This is a whole other side of me that people have not got to see on this scale,” she teased. “You’re gonna see me crying. You’re gonna see me interacting with my friends. You’re gonna see me struggling in my music career and struggling as a mom trying to balance that and it’s just a whole, in-depth look into my life that my fans really haven’t got to see before.”

As Mother’s Day weekend approaches, Chanel – who hosts “The Laugh” podcast – can’t assist however gush over her 18-month-old daughter’s persona. Described as a “little feisty Scorpio,” Bowie is praised by her mother as good and athletic.

“There are some things she does at the baby gym that some 4-year-old kids aren’t even able to do,” Chanel mentioned with fun. “Her dad’s very athletic. Maybe she’s gonna go more down the athlete route than doing music and entertainment. Who knows? She’s just very athletic and loves to run and she does not like to sit still.”

Perhaps the identical may very well be mentioned for Chanel. In addition to filming a actuality present, internet hosting a podcast and being the CEO of Coasty Swim, the brand new mother continues to work on new music as an unbiased artist. She expects to launch a brand new album this summer season and is engaged on one other physique of labor impressed by motherhood.

“Now that I’m a mom, all this new music I’m writing for the next album is a lot more love songs,” she teased. “It’s a lot more happy. I’m in a much better place now. So the music definitely has switched up now that I have Bowie in my life.”

While her daughter has introduced a complete new degree of happiness to her life, Chanel mentioned she continues to be debating whether or not a sibling may very well be in her future. For now, it’s all about savoring the current and celebrating all of the successes at residence.

“I always wanted to have multiple children. I’m such a kid type of person,” she mentioned. “But it has been a very, very hard struggle to get my body back. I went through a lot and I did have a high-risk pregnancy and sometimes, I don’t know if my body can go through that again…I don’t think women get enough credit for that especially women who have multiple kids. It’s like, dude, your body goes through so much and I’m just a little scared to put my body through all of that again.”

If there’s something motherhood has taught Chanel, nonetheless, it’s the easy concept that she will accomplish something she places her thoughts to.

“I’m frickin superwoman,” she mentioned with fun. “How am I doing this when I’m constantly not getting the best sleep and still got to work and do all of my things? It’s like a superpower. I’m not even joking. Motherhood just motivates you so much and makes you feel like if I can do this, I can do anything.”


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