2 Women Sue Plastic Surgeon They Say Disfigured Their Bodies While DRUNK!


Two ladies have filed complaints towards an Arizona plastic surgeon after claiming he botched them whereas DRUNK!

In two separate lawsuits, 51-year-old Wendy Ellsworth and 32-year-old Alicia Armijo introduced very related tales. According to their fits, they each went underneath the knife by the hands of Dr. Bradley Becker in Glendale — and thought he smelled like liquor. Ellsworth and Armijo’s complaints, filed on September 30 and October 2 respectively, accused the surgeon of medical negligence, battery and intentional infliction of emotional misery — with the elder girl claiming her surgical procedure outcomes gave her “significant anxiety”.

Now, months after their lawsuits had been filed in Maricopa County Superior Court, the women are telling their tales. And they’re downright DISTURBING!

Speaking to People, Wendy stated she was taken into surgical procedure on October 5, 2021, however issues shortly took a darkish flip. She claims Dr. Becker “reeked of alcohol and appeared to be intoxicated” — and even had “an altered state of mind”. Compared to their comparatively regular consultations, this was stated to have left her “confused” and “frightened” — as you possibly can think about!

After saving up $16k for the process as a result of her insurance coverage wouldn’t cowl it, Wendy did her analysis and landed on Dr. Becker — a choice she would come to remorse:

“He’d come so highly recommended in Facebook groups. I even checked the medical board and didn’t see any complaints. He told me, ‘I can pull you so tight’ … [the day of the surgery] he came in and didn’t mark me up.”

When she requested him why he wasn’t making marks on her pores and skin like plastic surgeons usually do to gauge the place they’re going to chop, Wendy claimed, he haphazardly ran a marker throughout her stomach and hips. Despite this disturbing habits and his alleged intoxication, she stated she “felt trapped that she was already prepped for surgery and didn’t know what to do.” She determined to undergo with the process as a result of she knew she’d simply spent $16k she’d by no means get again. So terrible!

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Detailing her disappointing tummy tuck outcomes, she instructed the outlet:

“He basically left me with two shelves of skin on my hips to wear, so that even when I wear jeans, you can see where he’d cut — it looks like a clear shelf. I have scars going up the middle of my stomach and from hip to hip, and he left tons of stitches hanging out of my body. When I unwrapped my body on the fourth day I just cried. He’d lowered my bellybutton by three inches, and it was this puckered, horribly sutured ugly scar … I was horrified to see it, with chunks of skin draping off my body.”

Sadly, she claimed her breast elevate fared simply as badly:

“My nipples weren’t even close to being even. There is a reasonable expectation when you pay for a procedure like this that you’ll get what you paid for … [Dr. Becker] told me everyone has skin sitting on their laps, or that it was just swelling and it could take up to two years to go away.”

OMG! What a wild excuse!

The much more upsetting half, although, is she isn’t the one one who’s run into this concern with Dr. Becker! Alicia discovered Wendy’s feedback about her expertise in a Facebook group, and was shocked to see somebody had the identical expertise as she did. Just like Wendy’s complaints, she stated the surgeon “was not acting at all like he had in their initial consultation” and that he “was not in any state of mind to be able to perform the surgery”. She additionally cited being “afraid” as the rationale she didn’t again out:

“I’d actually called the office for a refund two weeks before my procedure because another woman warned me about him.”

She a minimum of requested — although the physician rejected the request. After she was refused a refund for the costly process, she went underneath the knife of the surgeon. And sure, she says, he had a “very strong smell of alcohol” on his breath. She additionally stated “his markings were different than the ones he’d made before” of their consultations, however he instructed her “don’t worry” as he was going to get all her pores and skin and “pull it as tight as possible”.

Uh… eyeballing a surgical procedure?! Doesn’t sound like a good suggestion…

Just like Ellsworth, Armijo claims to have been left with a “shelf” of pores and skin and many ugly scars. She additionally has contracted infections from her wounds, one thing she received the surgical procedure to attempt to keep away from within the first place:

“My body is just changed forever in a way that I wasn’t prepared for. I got a tummy tuck to resolve the skin infections and I’m left with more skin infections … my emotional and mental health has taken a really big toll.”

So unhappy!

The two women are decided to talk out towards Dr. Becker — as they’ve discovered extra alleged victims. Wendy instructed the outlet:

“I’m in contact with over a dozen women at this point. I have other women that need to be heard, and I’m not going to stop until every woman’s voice is heard. This is not going away.”

The elder girl stated she’s been in remedy to take care of the bodily and psychological wounds that “run deep” after the surgical procedure. Alicia added that her personal expertise has given her anxiousness about future surgical procedures. Even if she might afford to repair the problems — she doesn’t know if she might deal with making an attempt once more:

“The recovery was so hard, and to have to go through that again, I just don’t see that I can … I’m just going to have to be mutilated… I worked really hard for my body to not look like this. I wish I could go back in time and not done the surgery.”

Ugh… heartbreaking!

You can see earlier than and after images of each ladies’s surgical procedures HERE. It’s unbelievable the variations you possibly can see! What do U take into consideration this, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (under).

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