Rickey Smiley Reacts To Katt Williams’ ‘Friday After Next’ Comment


Whew! Katt Williams has everyone giving responsive statements after dropping bombshell feedback in a current interview. Rickey Smiley is the newest movie star to react to Katt amid a rising checklist that features Cedric The Entertainer, Michael Blackson, and Kevin Hart.

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The multi-lane expertise addressed Katt throughout his morning present on Thursday (Jan. 4). For context, whereas interviewing with Shannon Sharpe, Williams addressed the casting on ‘Friday After Next.’

The comic claimed that Rickey was “bitter” whereas they had been filming over Katt’s ‘Money Mike’ position. This alleged bitterness prolonged to Rickey deciding to observe the movie at house reasonably than be at its premiere.

Katt added that Rickey Smiley informed individuals he stole the position to “get his name in the same sentence with a great one.” He known as the alleged state of affairs “sad.”

“He told everybody, ‘It should’ve been my role.’ Everybody on the scene. Why do you think no cast member has ever said anything?” 

Meanwhile, in his response to Katt, Rickey Smiley swore he went to Los Angeles to audition for the Money Mike position.

“I had no reason to go on Shannon Sharpe show and lie about any of that. That’s what I auditioned for. I guess when Katt Williams did it, they added the whole pimp twist to that character, which was actually a better decision and made it funnier cause ain’t no way in hell I could’ve executed that role like that. And I’m glad they made that decision, and they put me in a Santa Claus role, which was actually perfect.” 

Katt Williams Says He Adopted A Contract Clause For Future Work With Rickey Smiley

As the interview continued, Williams dropped a lil’ tea that “Hollywood has never heard of in a million years.” Katt alleged that he negotiated a contract specifying what position Rickey Smiley was restricted to.

“He was so egregious, not now, then that…and Hollywood has never heard this in a million years. He was so egregious I put in my contract that I won’t work with Rickey Smiley again unless he’s in a dress. Now, what was Rickey Smiley’s next movie? Was it ‘Next Sunday’? Did he wear a dress in it? You bet he did, it’s in my contract.” 

Shannon then requested Katt to make clear why he would add such a clause to his personal contract. He replied, “That’s where he’s the believable actor.”

However, Rickey Smiley stated such a contract has by no means existed. He stated he bought a private name about his Bernice Jenkins position on ‘First Sunday’ and filmed his scenes in at some point.

“It had nothing to do with Katt Williams’ contract or whatever. I respect Katt, definitely disappointed that you have to get on the air and explain something like this.” 

He additionally added that every one of his comedy exhibits have been packed out since 1997. This, particularly, was in response to Katt Williams saying he’s not humorous. Despite Katt’s feedback, Smiley added that it’s “all love” on his facet.

Swipe under to listen to Rickey Smiley’s response and see Katt’s feedback.

Katt Says ‘Friday After Next’ Cut A Sexual Assault Scene At His Request

Aside from addressing Rickey Smiley, Katt highlighted how he impacted the movie’s script. He claimed that his character, Money Mike, had a scene the place one other character assaulted his pimp character in a toilet. However, the scene was allegedly minimize after he insisted it must be.

Katt Williams informed Shannon:

“We’re trying to make a classic comedy, and this comedy involves a rape, and rape is never funny, no matter who it happens to or what the circumstances are.”

He allegedly informed the staff: “If you would allow me to allow us to do this movie without a Black man getting raped in it, I promise you that it will be twice as funny.”

At this time, Ice Cube and New Line Cinema haven’t confirmed or denied this alleged sexual assault scene, per Entertainment Tonight.

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