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Nick Jonas
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Nick Jonas, 31, couldn’t assist however reward his 10-month-old daughter Malti‘s character, in a brand new interview. The singer in contrast the toddler to his spouse Priyanka Chopra, 41, and revealed she has a “mischievous attitude” and fairly the humorousness.

“It’s so encouraging to be around people like that [who don’t take themselves too seriously],” Nick stated on the most recent episode of the Read the Room podcast. “I’m not talking about self-deprecating stuff, [but] like if you walk into a door, it’s funny. It’s not like, ‘Haha, you’re an idiot.’ It’s like, ‘We love you and we all saw it.’ I think it’s a really lovely quality to have in people. And obviously, my wife embodies that in spades.”

Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra
Nick and Priyanka at a earlier occasion. (Shutterstock)

“We’re seeing it now manifest in our daughter in a way that is brilliant,” the proud dad continued. “Her sense of humor and her ability to laugh at situations, and even her mischievous attitude, it’s great.”

Nick additionally opened up about how life as a father has modified him. “You realize quickly once you have a child that you can’t control everything,” he stated. “I think that was the biggest lesson for me at a stage in my life I didn’t expect to learn. … You know, we went through a really tough couple of months at the start of her life and you have that vision [of] how it’s going to go throughout your whole life, and then it’s something completely different. Then, every day from there is completely different and presents its own set of challenges.”

Malti has already been to Nick’s live shows with the Jonas Brothers on their tour, which began in August, and the “Chains” crooner additionally talked about how having a child has affected him bodily. “I think this [new wrist injury] comes from holding our daughter,” he stated. “I sort of do this thing where I become her seat and she just points to where she wants to go.”

“She likes to be looking forward when she’s being held and doesn’t like it to be an embrace,” he added. “It’s like you’re her ride. And now that she’s getting bigger, thank God, yesterday when I felt this pain in my wrist, I was trying to figure out where it was coming from. ‘Oh, it’s the baby’s fault.’” 


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