Ubah Hassan Slams ‘Angry Black Woman’ Narrative on RHONY


On the September 24 episode of the Real Housewives of New York, feelings have been far and wide between Ubah Hassan and Erin Lichy. After Erin informed her to “stop saying my name,” Ubah went toe to toe with Erin, who was sporting sun shades. Not wanting to speak to Erin’s darkish glasses, Ubah snatched them off her face. Ubah likes to see your eyes while you’re speaking to her.

When Erin requested for the glasses again, Ubah mentioned no. She would maintain them for 45 minutes, identical to Erin did with Ubah’s telephone the earlier night time as “payback” for Ubah’s pushing her within the pool.

“I mean, [Ubah] is my friend,” Erin mentioned in a confessional. “This is the first conflict I’ve ever had with her, and it’s the worst conflict I’ve ever had in my life. Like, I have no idea what’s going on with her, and I didn’t even know she had this side.” Really, Erin? The worst battle of your life? Erin’s had a sheltered life.

Erin goes right into a snit

Ubah Hassan and Erin Lichy

Once the 45 minutes expired, relatively than accepting the glasses again from Ubah. Erin needed to take the pissiness a bit farther. “They need to touch someone else’s hands before they come back to me,” she mentioned like Ubah has cooties or one thing.

Looking at Ubah, she mentioned, “Instead of getting so mad, just talk to me like a normal friend.” That would require you to hear, Erin, which you’ve proven you’re not so good at.

“Don’t tell me what to do,” Ubah responded. “I’m not your kid.”

Erin added that Ubah as soon as known as her a spoiled brat. “You are,” Ubah agreed.

But when Ubah talked about that Erin known as Brynn Whitfield a “social climber,” Erin felt attacked. “I’m going back to the villa,” she says. “Bye!” And Jenna Lyons went together with her.

But they doubled again and sat on the opposite facet of the bar from Ubah and the remaining, the place Erin pouted. “I really have no respect for any of them anymore,” she informed Jenna.

Later over lunch, Jessel Taank identified how Erin typically “talked sh*t” about every housewife and recalled how she singled out Jenna and claimed she selected to fly early with a view to keep away from financial system class. 

“Now that everything’s coming to the surface, I’m starting to realize who’s driving all this stuff?” Jessel mentioned in a confessional interview. “Enough is enough.”

Erin and Ubah got here to odds once more when Ubah requested why she was “putting a fork in my ass” and messing together with her. Needing to “get off this rollercoaster,” Erin left and returned to the home.

Erin breaks down

Erin Lichy

“I literally cannot be near her,” the true property dealer informed Sai. “The things that she said about me? She will not stop talking about me.”

After Erin left, the others confronted Ubah over her “negativity.” But Ubah known as them out for getting into the stereotype. “I am so done with this narrative [that] Black women are angry,” she mentioned. “We are passionate and we don’t take any sh*t and we’re not fake.”

“Ubah’s right,” Sai mentioned in a confesssional. “When Black women get upset, people take it upon themselves to think that it’s this ‘angry Black woman’ mentality when you’re just showing emotion just like every other woman … However, I just don’t think it plays out in this situation.”

Though they ultimately talked issues out, I’m unsure Erin actually ever understood why the confiscation of her telephone triggered the Ubah Hot founder.

Ubah’s household escaped war-torn Somalia. They don’t take their security with no consideration, as most Americans do. Ubah has an settlement together with her mother that wherever she is, she’ll verify in and let her mom know she’s secure. When Ubah couldn’t discover her telephone she knew her mom would fear about her. Erin simply by no means appeared to know that or apologize for the misery she prompted her good friend.

No accountability

Charles Sykes/Bravo by way of Getty Images

“There’s no accountability,” noticed Brynn. “She doesn’t hold herself accountable, [and] I know we don’t hold her accountable.”

As Ubah denied claims that she was inciting hate, Erin screamed, “Shut up! Shut your f***ing mouth! You are such a bitch!”

“No, you are a bitch!” Ubah countered. She then famous that every of the women had a cause to be mad at her for speaking behind their backs. 

When Brynn requested Erin why she was having such a robust response to Ubah’s claims, she argued she had gone “too far” and Ubah was “abusing her.”

“You’re pushing me to the ground,” Erin mentioned, bursting into tears. “What do you want from me? … I took your phone as a joke. You tried to get everyone against me … It’s enough.”

The factor I discovered actually disturbing is that Erin solely noticed her personal facet and refused to acknowledge Ubah’s emotions. She felt victimized, when all she actually wanted to do was to apologize to her good friend for her half within the argument. Ubah wasn’t innocent, however neither was she completely at fault.


Little Ramona is at it once more…

Jenna Lyons

Are congrats to ensure that Jenna and Cass?

Erin Lichy, Brynn Whitfield, Jessel Taank

But she didn’t imply it like that…


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