Diddy Says He’s Still Creatively Inspired By Kim Porter


As we strategy the fifth anniversary of Kim Porter‘s passing, Diddy (aka Sean Combs) is opening up about how his late longtime accomplice continues to encourage his artistry.

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Diddy Acknowledges Kim Porter’s Influence On His Work

During a sit-down with Entertainment Tonight, Diddy acknowledged turning heartbreak into hits, joking, “I can’t make a hit record unless my heart is broken.”

He went on to notice that, after shedding Kim, he sought to rework his damage into “something positive.”

“I always said that I can’t make a hit record unless my heart is broken. It’s just like a vulnerable state that you’re in and so, when I lost Kim, it broke my heart forever. I just wanted to turn it into something positive, you know what I’m saying?”

Combs was certain so as to add that he’s “always” been certain to maintain Porter in thoughts whereas creating, although he explicitly paid tribute to her in a 7-minute observe — “Kim Porter” — included on his new The Love Album: Off The Grid album. He defined that reminiscences of “sitting by the phone” and ready for her name impressed the observe.

“I was thinking about before there was the internet and how long I would wait [after] she would break up with me, she would just go completely off the grid. There was no way to track your girlfriend or nothing. I was sitting by the phone and calling her mother. Her mother’s like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, Sean. I don’t know where she’s at.’ But she [was] probably right there.”

Diddy added, “So, I got on [with] Babyface and John Legend. I told them this story and Babyface wrote, ‘Six days seven nights waiting for your sound,’ and that’s the way I love.”

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Presented The Rapper With The Key To The City

In addition to dishing on how Kim Porter continues to encourage him, we must always word that Diddy lately loved an enormous honor by receiving the coveted Key to New York City.

The improvement got here on Friday (Sept. 15), and video from the occasion reveals Mayor Eric Adams declaring, “The bad boy of entertainment is getting the Key to the City from the bad boy of politics.” Oh-kay, now, Mr. Adams!

While accepting the distinction, Diddy thanked his supporters and acknowledged the enjoyment he felt.

“I want to thank you all for this honor and just recognizing me being from New York [by] giving me the Key to the City.”

Following the occasion at Times Square, Diddy paraded by the streets whereas exhibiting off the Key to the City.

Check out footage of Diddy receiving the distinction down beneath.

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