What to know transportable dance flooring


What do touring dance firms, recitals, conventions and competitions have in widespread? Temporary flooring. Today, essentially the most critical of dance competitions have employed short-term flooring, equivalent to transportable staging or base flooring for touring. Temporary dance flooring is a good answer for these colleges with touring firms or places that host annual dance competitions. Now, here’s what you should find out about short-term dance flooring.

The completely different sorts of short-term flooring 

What makes a short lived flooring transportable? Most short-term flooring, notably these made by Stagestep, have fiberglass linings inside that make them versatile. There are a number of short-term flooring to contemplate: Rave, Bravo Classic, Super Bravo, Super Bravo Pro and Super Timestep.


The first sort of short-term flooring obtainable from Stagestep is Rave™, a one-sided Marley that’s budget-friendly and light-weight. Rave has three layers, together with a vinyl put on layer, fiberglass lining and foam backing. Non-slip and barely textured, this flooring is great for ballet, fashionable and jazz dance. Rave just isn’t really helpful for faucet courses or performances.

Rave is a good alternative for firms that additionally need a customized coloration for his or her flooring, equivalent to blue, inexperienced or beige, all of that are glorious for themed exhibits or recitals. Stock colours are additionally obtainable.

Bravo Classic™, Super Bravo™ and Super Bravo Pro™

Although every Bravo™ flooring has distinctive options, they’re all designed to be transportable. Both Bravo Classic and Super Bravo are smooth Marley, reversible and may be set in varied configurations. They are traditional dance flooring which can be good for ballet, fashionable, jazz and modern. Bravo Classic is the thinnest of the flooring with a 0.65 mm thick put on layer on the highest and backside and is the least costly. Super Bravo is barely thicker and can be utilized in each studios and for touring.

Super Bravo Pro is sort of equivalent to Super Bravo, however it’s extra sturdy (33 % thicker) and, whereas not designed for faucet, can be utilized for faucet. Every Bravo flooring is reversible and designed to lie flat. Maintenance for these flooring is straightforward as properly.

Super Timestep™

The final touring flooring is Super Timestep™, a multipurpose flooring with a non-slip PVC floor. Super Timestep is good for every kind of dance, from ballet and pointe work to hip hop. Additionally, Super Timestep accommodates an power switch layer, making it the right short-term flooring for faucet or percussive dance. As with all of the touring flooring, Super Timestep additionally accommodates a versatile fiberglass layer.

Tips for transporting your short-term flooring 

Because short-term flooring are designed to be extra versatile than your common vinyl flooring, they’re extra resilient throughout journey. For common Marley flooring, transportation can result in cracking and harm attributable to temperature modifications. Temporary dance flooring with fiberglass linings wouldn’t have this downside.

However, that doesn’t imply you’ll be able to forgo warning. When transporting your touring flooring, safe it by rolling the Marley round a core. Stagestep recommends a four-inch diameter core. Leaving the flooring rolled up round itself inevitably results in compression. When you roll out a flooring that has been saved improperly, it’ll feel and look wavy. Dance flooring ought to lay flat. The core helps the Marley keep vertical throughout transport and retains it from collapsing in on itself.

Secondly, wrap your short-term flooring in shrink wrap or a field designed for vinyl flooring. Wear and tear largely comes from packaging, transporting and unloading Marley. By taking precautions and giving your flooring time to acclimate earlier than putting in it’s important. Do not tape the ground down till it has reached room temperature and relaxes.

As all the time, your short-term flooring should be cleaned and maintained. Always clear the ground previous to packaging it for transport and as soon as it has been introduced dwelling from the present. When the ground just isn’t correctly cleaned earlier than it’s put into the truck headed towards the venue, any filth or particles trapped contained in the rolled-up Marley may harm it.

Portable flooring are used for touring and competitions. They are constructed to be versatile and to lie flat. If you’re searching for flooring for an occasion or tour, think about the choices from Stagestep, equivalent to Super Bravo or Super Timestep.

For extra info, go to stagestep.com.


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