Lengthy Ballad Ep6-10 Highlights – Drama MLKY


Right here’s one other collection of highlights from YuShi! Lengthy Ballad ep6-10 highlights! Wow, issues are getting fairly attention-grabbing as Changge continues on her path for revenge…

Episode 6

  • Wei Shuyu and Hao Du depart for You state, Yueyan stows away, however she is found en route.
  • Normal Wang, an necessary navy individual for You State, and Normal Solar meet.
  • Normal Solar’s messenger to Nice Khan is intercepted by Younger Khan.
  • Chengge and Normal Solar chat collectively by moonlight, Normal Solar saves Chengge from falling off the roof.
  • Chengge has a gathering with the governor of You State, an outdated buddy.

Episode 7

  • Chengge provides the governor of You state an imperial edict that she cast.
  • The envoy of Prince Qin, Wei Shuyu, goes to the governor of You State’s mansion. He and Chengge struggle, Wei Shuyu is jailed.
  • Normal Solar approaches Chengge to go on a stroll.
  • Normal Solar is bitter as a result of h’s mission in You state is taken over by Younger Khan.
  • Yueyan tries to maintain Hao Du by her facet. This fashion he can’t hurt others.
  • Chengge entrusts the crown prince’s seal to A’du so as to preserve it protected
  • Chengge is betrayed by her uncle, the governor of You State, Prince LuJiang.

Episode 8

  • Normal Solar secretly watches over Chengge, he learns who she actually is
  • Chengge explains to Hao Duo that You State has determined to hitch forces with Ashlie tribe
  • Hao Duo will get Yueyan and Chengge out of You state. He leaves to mild the misery sign so as to assist preserve You State out of the Ashlie tribe’s arms
  • Chengge and A’du race to the garrison outdoors of You State. They ask Normal Shen for assist to protect You State from the Ashlie tribe. On the best way, they cross a creepy man.
  • Younger Khan see the misery sign and flees the town
  • Whereas everyone seems to be busy, Yueyan is kidnapped by a creepy man

Episode 9

  • When Chengge, Normal Shen and the garrison arrive on the governor’s mansion, the governor has been killed by Normal Wang.
  • Chengge begins strolling to Shuo State
  • Younger khan is indignant at Normal Solar, they’ve a scuffle
  • Wei Shuyu catches up with Chengge. Chengge stabs him to maintain him from capturing her, however she provides him the seal.
  • Normal Solar and Chengge cross paths. Chengge learns he’s from the Ashlie tribe.
  • Yueyan’s father sends males to seek for her. To this point, nobody can discover her.

Episode 10

  • Chengge arrives in Shou State, she learns of the generosity of Governor Gongsun Heng
  • Normal Solar arrives within the Grasslands. Normal Solar is informed that his division of the Ashlie tribe, Eagle, now has to report back to the Bear division.
  • Chengge earns favor with Governor Gongsun by saving his household from bandits
  • Wei Zheng, who was despatched on a mission, is being criticized by Du RuHui, however the prince helps Wei Zheng.
  • The creepy man that kidnapped Yueyan kills his different prisoner when she tries to flee.
  • Chengge tries to secretly study details about Chang’an Metropolis, however she is caught by Governor Gongsun’s advisor, Elder Qin.
  • Chengge is obtainable a job by Governor Gongsun. She will probably be a registrar.


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